A Little Humor

You are an RVer if ...
....if you know the make of an RV by the tail lights.
....if you pack your fire tub and wood but forget to pack your food
....if you have an Atlas of all the Walmarts and flying J's.
....if your kids say we always eat better when we camp than we do at home.
....if you brag about your length.
....if you could fly for free but you'd rather take the RV at your own expense.
....if when you get your new eyeglasses you buy a spare pair for the RV.
....if you buy new outdoor furniture and put the "old stuff" on your home patio
....if your first instinct is to flush with your foot.
....if you drive your rig to work on Friday to get a head start on the weekend
....if you avoid saying "RV" out loud so your dogs won't get excited.
....if you call in sick on a Thursday to get a head start on a weekend trip
....if you go shopping for a curio and come back with a motorhome
....if your bed is moving, and you aren't in it!
....if you have a doghouse in between the front seats but don't own a dog.
....you know the difference between black water and gray.
....you look for "Height Limit" signs on all canopies and overhangs
....you always buy your toilet paper in the automotive section of Walmart
....all your meals taste better when you are in the RV
....everytime you step inside your coach you want to go somewhere
....the only time your dog gets a walk is when your camping
....while camping you wonder what the "poor" folks are doing.
....the only reading material on your coffee table is a road atlas.
....you wave and say Hi to everyone who passes by.
...."hooking up" doesn't mean meeting up with friends and/or a date.
....you have invented your own "sign language" when backing up!
....you wake up with a smile every morning---not with an alarm
....being level is more important than being level headed.
....you check your travel schedule before you'll commit to anything else.
A Little Humor "You Might Be An RVer ...."
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