You are an RVer if ...
....the term "gettin hitched" doesn't make you think of getting married. park on your pad rather than live in it.
....if you wake up in the morning and ask yourself, "Where are we?"
....your an adult and you still have to have quiet time. take up 8 parking spaces when you park at Wal-mart
....your deck is built from indoor/out door carpet
....being overweight is a safety issue instead of a health issue. have two sets of everything, you might be an RVer.
....your license plate frame reads... "home is where you park it"
....your picture window is a windshield get your replacement light bulbs at an auto supply think "GVWR" means Great Vacation While Roaming. think a "Fifth Wheel" is your spare tire. always take the scenic route instead of the fastest ask the real estate agent about restrictive covenants take your kids out of school to go camping.
....your "house" has a carbon monoxide detector in it.
....your only hobby is tinkering with your MOHO. lift up on the handle before opening a drawer enjoy slides, and not the ones in the park spend all winter collecting things for the RV no longer make fun of rednecks
....the first thing you check out after a storm is for damage to the RV! owe more money on your RV, than your home're not a boyscout, but still go to jamboree's
....your kids NEVER ask "RV there yet?
....when you get tired of the neighbors you move in one day.

A Little Humor "You Might Be An RVer ...."
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