You are an RVer if ...
... your favorite reading material is a road atlas or campground directory.
... you are fond of "toads" especially their towbars.
... you would rather dump the holding tank than take out the trash.
... you use the term "slide-out" for your RV instead of a drawer.
... your favorite tv program is through your rear view camera.
... your rv is two-feet shorter than your neighbor and you are envious.
... your basement is waist-level.
... you use the term "cool" for being under the roof air conditioner.
... your coffee-table doubles for a dining room table.
... happy hour starts whenever you get to wherever you stop for the night.
... you collect quarters for the laundry instead of a coin collection.
... your favorite road sign is the one welcoming you to the next state.
... you think being "on the straight and level" is a good parking place.
... you understand the term "boondocking".
... the term "all the amenities" refers to full hook-ups.
... you can't decide whether to shop at Wall-Mart or Camp there !!!
... your primary concern when shopping for your next truck is it's GCWR.
... you know what GCWR stands for.
... you refer to your truck as "my tow vehicle".
... the wife says "You love that RV more than Me!" Was there any doubt?
... you always do a "walkaround" your vehicle before driving away.
... you keep back issues of "Highways" "Motorhome", "Trailer Life", etc.
for reference material.
... you prefer shopping at Camping World instead of Walmart.
... you sit in your rig reading the morning paper.
... your favorite movie is the long long trailer.
... all of a sudden like country music. When the heck did that happen?
... your favorite song is "On the Road Again" by Willie Nelson!
... your other favorite song is "King of the Road".
A Little Humor "You Might Be An RVer ...."
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