RV Lifestyles are constantly expanding. RVers enjoy the family camping, vacation, and travel in the beginning and before long they are making the switch to full time RV living. They join a fast growing number of Americans who are choosing to enjoy the freedom of living and traveling in their RV (Recreational Vehicle) year round.

Full time RVing has many advantages and pleasures, one of which is the fun you'll have when you tell your friends that your house now has wheels! Full-timing offers RVers the affordability, convenience, and the freedom to experience an exciting, fulfilling, energetic, enthusiastic, and worry-free life.

There is no pressure, no one pushing or pulling at you or telling you where to go or what to do. The RV lifestyle puts any place and any activity at your front door, providing you with many new exciting and satisfying things that you can enjoy.

Imagine experiencing the freedom of traveling where you have always wanted to go and seeing the places you have always wanted to see. This the perfect opportunity to meet new people and make new friends that share the same interests that you have. Some connections will be fleeting, but many connections will be deeper and long lasting.

The opportunity to travel is what attracts most people to the RV lifestyle and life can be relatively carefree while you are doing it. There is nothing like having the freedom of waking up in the morning and while having breakfast, decide where you are going to go and what you are going to do. If you find a place that you want to spend a few weeks exploring, why not, your home is right there with you. When it is time to move on, you just start the motor and take off to a new adventure.

Full timing in an RV is possible in any type of recreational vehicle. motorhome, travel trailer, fifth wheel, tent trailer, or pickup camper. Depending on your finances, there are many different RV makes and models available. More than 1 million Americans have already pulled up stakes, sold homes and hit the road. It's easier than ever in an age of cell phones to stay in touch with family and friends, and satellites to provide entertainment.

Your explorations will have you rolling through America's back roads and by-ways like gypsy nomads. You will enjoy scenes of lush green woods, deserts, or miles of white-sand beaches, for as long as your want. Every day can be new view with home sweet home being wherever you choose. Your way of life is just whatever you fall into with every day just like a holiday. When you tired of being in one place, or you simply yearn for new adventure, you ask yourself "Where to today?" and move on.

Remember, it's not the destination, it's the journey. What’s interesting is that nobody cares what you did in your past life. It doesn’t matter what you did. It matters where you’ve been, what you’ve seen.Where would you like to explore today?

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