Full Time RV Living while Working

There are two types of full time RV living while working, those who work a normal job but are in a tight housing market and those who choose the lifestyle of offering their business, services, and/or labor wherever they happen to be. Either way you can let your RV work for you, and not have to work for it. Most anyone who wants to be a full-time RVer can be and financially support themselves in the process.

When housing is short in an area, an RV can be your solution. It is a quick way to have a place to call home. After you have confirmed the stability of the job, checked out the area a little more and made a decision on what type of home and where to buy, you still have the advantage of having an RV for your vacations and get-aways.

Full Time RV Living while working has a whole different meaning for thousands of other adventurous individuals and couples. This is their opportunity for the freedom of living and working on the road. Full time RVers stay on the road for weeks, months, years, and even a lifetime. It is a wonderful lifestyle that combines all kinds of work with RVing including seasonal, business and services that move on the road with them.

There are many types of jobs available for working RVers and one will be right for you. With a little thinking about using your present skills and abilities you can most likely come up with a type of work, service or business that would be best for you. Something will come to mind. Be sure to include things that you do for fun and how they might relate to work for the lifestyle.

Part of the decision is which is best for you, working for someone else or being self-employed. Depending on your situation, the RV space where you will be staying can be tax free. If you operate a business while on the road, many of your expenses may be tax deductible.

Another consideration is how often you want to move around. Do you want to stay just a few days, a month or seasonally? Then there are the questions of why do you want to work and how much do you want or need to earn? It is not unusual for full-timer's to change their work and travel styles after being out on the road for a spell. And, that flexibility to be able to make those changes is one of the best things about the lifestyle.

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