Full Time RV Living for Retirement

Take your retirement on the road. For retirees, it has the blessing of not having a house to maintain, property taxes, and living with neighbors your tired of. Housecleaning is easy and quick, there's no lawn to mow, and there's no snow removal problem in the winter. If you don't like the weather where your staying, move at any time.

Every day you can enjoy wonderful scenery that other people would pay a lot of money for if they could buy it at all, and for you it's free. Often time your view is even better than what they would have. And when you're tired of it, you change it!

If you have the feeling that you would like to go more, do more, see more -- a feeling that you want something more in your life than what you have, then you need an RV. And as a full time RVer you would have a new dramatic direction for your life, including many new friends. Home will then be where you park it.

As a full-timer you can settle down for awhile in a campground that is specially designed for the needs of the retired, or follow the sun and the weather. Full-timing is also an increasingly popular way to find just the right spot to settle down and buy a retirement home. As you travel you can actively be sizing up communities as possible retirement spots. Stay awhile and experience a community at its best, and worst, including the weather. Don't like where your at? Start the motor and move on. Being able to change locations quickly and easily in a motorhome is a great feature of the RV lifestyle.

Imagine the total freedom of being able to go wherever and whenever you want, no property taxes, no house mortgage or yard maintenance to worry about. That's just some of the rewards of RV living. It doesn't matter what park it's parked in, it's home. Today's RVs are designed with all the necessities and conveniences for comfortable RV living. Many RVs may be more luxurious than your present home.

One nice thing is that you can't take it all with you, it won't fit in a motorhome. This is your opportunity to get rid of the accumulation of things that we all have in our houses. You will be happy to clean out all your stuff from years of buying. You'll find it easier to give up than you thought it would be. Those who have "been there, and done that" generally include a careful choosing of the things that are essential. For clothes, don't take anything you haven't used in the last year. Keep a few treasures of your life, but maybe it's time for the kids to enjoy some of the larger treasures.

Full-timing is definitely a "people-intensive" lifestyle where RVers talk to each other. Formal introductions are not needed, you don't need a reason to greet each other, you just start chatting. RVers tend to be social animals, quick to welcome newcomers and share strategies for successful living on the road. You find it easier to meet people than when you were housebound. Retired RVers never have to be alone. RV travel fosters a sense of community, offering RVers a valuable network of friends who share a common interest.

Cell phones and satellite Internet connections make staying in touch with family easier than in the past. Some RVers say being mobile allows them to visit their children and grandchildren more often than when they owned a standard home. You can visit wherever the children roam in distant states.

Like a standard home, a motorhome requires maintenance. But instead of shelling out for landscaping, utilities and property taxes, full-time RVers pay for propane for heating and cooling, diesel fuel or gasoline to keep rolling.

Most full-time RVers are retired, but full timing is open to anyone with an RV who wants to undertake it. You can do it in a Motorhome, 5th wheel, or Travel Trailer. You'll find that many of them have the attitude of don't sweat the small-stuff. They vary the lengths of their campground stays to enjoy what is available, they get outside and more exercise every day than you do and they have lots of escape adventures. So if your a Boomer, or any other age, looking to satisfy the wanderlust in your heart, buy and RV!

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